About Us

The creation of Boston’s Back Bay was one of the largest and most visionary undertakings of its time. Transforming a fetid fens into one of the country’s most beautiful urban landscapes, its daring development embodied the attributes of its creators. It was a forward thinking, yet practical solution, designed with great style, on a grand scale.

At the Back Bay Realty Group, we do our best to carry out those same attributes that shaped our beautiful surroundings. We provide forward thinking, yet practical solutions for our clients real estate needs and we do it with great style. Our boutique firm represents discerning buyers and sellers who want extraordinary homes to match their extraordinary lifestyles.

Mission Statement

In 2011 we sat down and reviewed what we had been doing since our start. We reviewed where our focus was and what was essential to the heart and soul of the company. Through this process we were able to derive what we really wanted our clients and our partners to know and understand about us. We wanted them to know our mission:

We represent clients seeking to make informed real estate decisions by offering comprehensive education and service for an exceptional experience.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the foundation of our distinctive culture and they are what we judge each and every deal by. Few companies in our industry a could tell you a core value, but each of our agents carries our core values card with them at all times.

Relationships: We seek to build lasting relationships in our communities and with each and every one of our clients. We do not view our deals as one time transactions; but rather as opportunities to build highly valuable relationships that are fundamental to our continued growth and success.

Sincerity: We are sincere and honest in all of our dealings. Our client’s needs are always placed above our own and it is our sincere client first approach that contributes to their loyalty.

Knowledge: We pride ourselves on our market knowledge and continuously strive to learn and grow our knowledge. Furthermore, we understand that the pursuit of that knowledge is a career-long process.

Passion: We are passionate about the business of real estate and about helping people find and sell homes. We have a passion not just for fine homes, but for helping people find the place to call home. Our passion is what inspires clients to work with us.

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