Beautiful Home Office

Jim Butterfield Yacht Style Home Office

It’s getting to be that time of year when many people are requesting the ability to work from home. For some people it’s the snow for others it’s just a desire to spend more time closer to family. While many might have a desk or a favorite spot in the home that they love to work from, few if any have a home office quite like Jim Butterfield’s. The executive at The Riverside Company a private equity firm certainly has our vote for what is one of the most beautiful home offices we’ve ever seen.

Butterfield pictured at his desk above, created this one of kind yacht inspired home office above his garage for a mere $90,000. “You have more clarity of thought, because you feel like you’re on a boat,” according to Mr Butterfield. This is certainly a sentiment that we share and we love everything he’s done with this amazing home office. From the porthole windows to the nautical decor it stunning in every way. For those wondering what’s behind King Neptune it’s a bathroom. Check out the gallery below for more images of this amazing home office and click here to see other great home office spaces.

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