Bing and Yahoo continue to send us a fair share of their

Kansas won’t win. The thrill is back. Valparaiso won’t win because it got stuck with Michigan State in its opener, and Michigan State won’t win because it got stuck in a killer East bracket with Louisville. The appointment of popular actor Shahrukh Khan (SRK) and his wife Gauri Khan is a testament to the aggressive push strategy that the brand plans to set into motion. When asked about why the brand decided to bring the actor and his wife on board as brand ambassadors, Arora answers, “Besides the fact that we perceive a match between SRK’s qualities and what the brand stands for, such as leadership, innovation and ethics, he and Gauri, together, are an ideal image of homemakers and imply ‘family’. Having the duo endorse the brand will thus help strike a chord with Indian families.”.

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