Buyers looking to have fun again!

Atelier 505 Penthouse Deck

More and more real estate buyers are looking to have fun with their homes again. In 2008 when the market started to bottom, homes were sold based on the functionality of the home and the condition of the home as buyers wanted to feel like they were getting a good deal. When focusing on the top 15 neighborhoods in downtown Boston the phrase “perfect for entertaining” was only used in 31 listings in 2008. Fast forward to 2013 and buyers are ready to party! So far 83 listings have sold or are UAG that include the phrase “perfect for entertaining” with another 4 set to close by the end of the year we could be close to seeing the number of homes with entertainment spaces triple in 5 years.

Entertaining isn’t just a marketing gimmick, in Boston it’s big business. Homes that used the phrase “perfect for entertaining” in their description sold for 20% more than similar size units that didn’t use the phrase. Using this phrase not only gets you more money, but it helps you sell faster too! Homes that used this phrase sold on average 3 days faster than homes that didn’t.  If you think these must all be homes large enough to hold 20 of your closest friends, you might be surprised to learn that some of these homes are actually less than 475 sq.ft.

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