Carthage was a small westbound jumping off point

Carthage was a small westbound jumping off point for settlers inCredit: from book cover of Richard Fox 1889 novel Missouri southwestern corner near the Kansas border. Her full name was Myra Maybelle Shirley; her family called her Her parents were John Shirley and Eliza Hatfield (who was related to the same Hatfield clan of the infamous Hatfield McCoy Feud that would start almost two decades later). May had an older brother named John A.

Pothier, Lillian C. Povey, Calvin C. Reed, Hannah E. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s annual survey of the region’s 10 toughest spots uncovered no surprises for bay area commuters. The afternoon commute on eastbound Interstate 580 through the Tri Valley claimed the list’s No. 2 spot.

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But the cloggers are more in demand than ever, dancing as many as 50 gigs a year at everywhere from bluegrass festivals to saloons. The group has such a high artistic standard that in 2001, they won an Isadora Duncan Dance Award.Meanwhile, little girls around the globe keep kicking up their heels to Outkast. “Clogging’s gone toward a cheerleading style, with bright costumes and jumps and lifts,” Ellinger says with customary diplomacy.

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