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Laughable “Thousands of motorists were unaware of the restrictions” no, as Dave has said those motorist either chose to ignore the “Motor Vehicles Prohibited” sign (a sign that has bee around for more than 80 years) or decided they were special and it shouldn’t apply to them. At the time I was impressed by the stupidity of the chap who was reported in this paper moaning he’d been caught 5 times in the week, he was admitting being such a poor driver and yet moaning about a fine. You’d have thought the pedestrian power shown last time the council decided to ignore us after they took out one of the crossings would be enough for them to learn that fewer crossings isn’t the answer..

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wholesale nfl jerseys I’m obviously a bit biased toward the Vikings, but they are killing it with the purple and gold only look. I love having the gold numbers on their dark purple. It’s minimalistic yet a bold enough contrast that it works beautifully. Markinson Joseph, 16, was one of the unlucky ones. Between June 2013 and December 2014, he was handed four citations for failing to register his bicycle. The stops, clustered around his Middle https://www.newjerseyswholesale.com River Terrace neighborhood, were all excuses to be messed with by police, he claims wholesale nfl jerseys.

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