Desperate Developers


As I mentioned in my last post there are a lot of new development condos on the market right now and some developers are getting desperate. The people behind the development at 100 Beacon, are now offering a free mini cooper with with every unit. The cheapest unit in this building has an asking price of a cool $2.1 million. I might be underestimating how the economy is going, but if you can spend $2.1 is a Mini Cooper really going to make a difference?

This is not the first time this has been tried in Boston. In 2007 the Macallen tried this same tactic, they gave away a Toyota Camry Hybrid with each condo sold. (They went with a hybrid car because it’s a green building.)  I’m sure this won’t be the last attempt by a developer to do this, but let me give some advice to those who are thinking about it. Pair the car and the building! The hybrid car with the green building makes sense, a Mini Cooper says your striving to be cool with a car that’s lost some of that cachet. If I were trying to be cool I’d toss in a smart car, it’s cheaper, more rare and will turn a lot more heads especially when you park it sideways.

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