Direct electrolytic hydrogenation with water could be a

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Prada Replica A hydrogen carrying and releasing cartridge plate and a hydrogen permselective film could be potential forms for the system.The electrolytic reduction and protonation with water were successfully combined for the hydrogenation of the polymer, which is largely different from a water splitting; the hydrogenation of the polymer could fix hydrogen through the formation of chemical bonds, whereas a water splitting process only releases hydrogen. Direct electrolytic hydrogenation with water could be a potential process to reduce energy consumption for the hydrogen fixing and to eliminate any hydrogen production processes.The theoretical hydrogen storage capacity of fluorenol is 1.1 wt% (0.29 wt% as the fluorenol polymer system); however, we anticipated its improvement by the use of, for example, piperazine tetranol (2.8 wt%) as the hydrogen fixing unit.MethodsReagents and instrumentsFluorenone, fluorenol and 2,7 bis[2 (diethylamino)ethoxy] 9 fluorenone dihydrochloride were purchased from Tokyo Chemical Industry Co. Aqua (6,6 dihydroxy 2 Cheap Prada Prada Outle,2 bipyridine)(pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)iridium(III)bis(triflate) was purchased from Kanto Chemical Co. Prada Replica

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