First, they tend to be friendly in terms of CAM, especially

“Another of the historic cases is devoted to chantilly lace, a material of which the Bowes Museum has the finest collection in the world. That gorgeous embroidered bodice with the chantilly lace collar was made for Empress Eug wife of Napoleon III. But the black dress in the same case, the one with a transparent inlay of black chantilly lace on the back, that’s by Saint Laurent, from 1970.

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Fake Designer Bags In the greater scheme of things, I think Karl Lagerfeld turned out to be the hero of the season by proving that a great designer can change with the times while keeping the house codes intact (it doesn’t take those interlocking C’s to verify a Chanel). He’s a designer who can anticipate what a woman wants before she knows she wants it and give it to her in a constantly evolving series of great clothes clothes that this season brought in cropped jackets that stop just under the bustline, slender, high rise pants, classic Chanel pumps with instep straps, shirt jackets over shift dresses Fake Designer Bags, white leather jackets with tweed lapels and cuffs, and oversized pearls at neck, wrist and hair bun. And a giant white quilted Chanel bag with hula hoop size frame.. Fake Designer Bags

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