How Much Would You Pay For a Walk Up?

walk up condos

How much would you pay for a walk up condo? As many buyers are drawn to older brownstone style buildings throughout the city that come loaded with charm, this is becoming a key question. Many of the older buildings simply don’t contain the square footage necessary to support the installation of an elevator. This creates condo units throughout the city that in some cases, are 4-5 flights up. For those buying these units this certainly becomes a question in the home buying process, how much am I willing to pay for a walk up? The answer of some buyers might surprise you.

103 Beacon Street penthouse

The record price in the last two years for a 4th floor or higher home is $2.95 Million. The 3 story stunner on Beacon Street (pictured above) sold in September of 2013 in less than 30 days. The triplex unit is far from the only unit to sell at this price though.

38 Hancock Deck

The Penthouse at 38 Hancock Street sold this past July for over asking price in just 5 days despite being a 4 flight walk up. The home pictured above, sold for $1.755 Million and has what seems to be the key selling feature of all of these homes, a large private roof deck. While not the only qualification to make the sale of these walk up properties quick, it certainly goes a long way.

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