I recently spent $5 for a Polish sausage and a Coke outside

It may be some time before the full extent of damage is known.Windsor Fire Chief Bruce Montone says it a painstaking process.”We trying to get a complete and accurate assessment of all of the damage.Also hit along with the EC Row Expressway at Central is an area bounded by the North Service Road to County Road 42 and between Howard and Lauzon Parkway.Witnesses report everything from chair to chunks of metal flying through the air.Emergency crews remain on Victory St.Meteoroligist Ria Alsen says there are steps they have to go through first.”We don confirm a tornado until we send a damage survey team to investigate. Right now we are saying it is a probable tornado given the pictures we have seen so far and the reports we have had. It is fairly likely so they will go down and confirm the strength and what exactly happened once they get the chance to look at the damage,” says Alsen..

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