I wonder if the locals come

I wonder if the locals come to the airport for lunch? It wouldn’t be too hard to get through security to the “Wicked Good Subs” (that is really what it’s called). Best I can tell, the Hartford security officers are recruited from the local football teams. Land an all city rushing record and you too can sit behind the x ray machine and look for liquid contraband.

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To continue to hijack this thread.1) hockey doesn’t have a break in the action on substitutions because they haven’t figured out a way to create pinched and offset hockey sticks so the defense can actually take away the puck in hockey.2) what if you allowed one on the fly substitution in each direction? That would allow you to get your LSM on and off the field. If you want a whole sale mid line change, you have to wait for a restart or goal. I sure think it would help re emphasize the transition game..

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