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Canada Goose Parka While Urban Outfitters may be up for appealing to plus size customers by hiring a plus size model, they apparently not up for actually selling those customers clothes that fit.As Revelist first pointed out, the Hanes T shirts promoted in the campaign only go up to a size L on Urban Outfitters which would be too small for Barbie Ferreira, the plus size model used in the campaign, considering she has a 33.5 inch waist and the L size T shirts accommodate a 33 inch waist.Which means that not even the model used in Urban Outfitters campaign could buy the shirt she modelling.More: FashionThis stunning gown is currently the most popular wedding dress on InstagramEver fancied buying a 1,600 version of Ikea big blue bag? Balenciaga got you coveredAll the cool kids are doing the Bambi pose on InstagramAnd so, any plus size people feeling inspired by the photos won be able to go ahead and buy the shirt that being marketed to them.What especially strange about this whole thing is that Hanes T shirts do actually go up to a 3X, which makes us think that Urban Outfitters consciously decided not to stock any size above an L despite the option to go bigger being available to them.Which makes the campaign and its diversity focused messaging a bit of an empty gesture. Disappointing.Urban Outfitters has responded to the controversy with an official statement, commenting: are pleased to feature a diverse cast of creatives in this campaign, and we hope to continue to feature people who reflect the range of customers who shop at offer XL products in select styles and we are in the process of increasing our offering. We recognize that extended sizing is a right step for us and we’re in the process of making the shift. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose online Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images for AFI 2012: English film director and producer Tony Scott canada goose black friday, best known for directing action movies such as “Top Gun,” “Beverly Hills Cop II,” “Days of Thunder Canada Goose Sale,” “True Romance” and “Crimson Tide,” dies after jumping from a Los Angeles County bridge. The brother of fellow film director Ridley Scott, the 68 year old director wrote two notes before his death, including a message left in his Los Angeles office for family members. Army/Sgt Canada Goose online.

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