In Killeen, Texas, a local judge last week barred middle school

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Trump assumes office, debate continues over separation of church and state, including which types of displays are allowed and which cross the line into giving the appearance the government is endorsing or promoting a single religion over others.In Killeen, Texas, a local judge last week barred middle school officials from removing a Charlie Brown Christmas decoration that featured character Linus quoting a Bible verse.Texas lawmakers in 2013 adopted the Christmas bill, which protects displays on public school property so long as they include symbols from more than one religion, include at least one secular symbol, or do not encourage adherence to any one religious belief. The school principal had ordered only the Bible verse be removed from the poster, but Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton took the stance that the verse is allowable under the law and praised the judge decision.discrimination toward Christians has become a holiday tradition of sorts among certain groups, Mr. Paxton said.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why do we celebrate Christmas on December 25th?Biblically and historically speaking, there is no reference to the day or month of when Jesus was actually born. However if you read the gospels, we can at least figure out that Jesus was not born in the winter like we celebrate today. How can we at least know that you may ask yourself? The gospel of Luke discusses how an angel appeared to the shepherds who were grazing their flock out in the fields.

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