It can also be challenging for you as a carer to adjust to

“Thirty years ago, Las Vegas was run much the way every other city in America was run people watered their lawns whenever they wanted [and] they washed their cars whenever they wanted,” Fishman says. “But then a woman [Patricia Mulroy] became the head of water [management] in Las Vegas, and she looked at the pace of growth of the city. And she started working on rules that would, over time, change the culture in Las Vegas.”.

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Canada Goose Parka Helping someone with dementia to wash and batheFor most adults, washing is a personal and private activity, so it can be hard for the person with dementia to adjust to having someone help them with this. It can also be challenging for you as a carer to adjust to this level of caring, if you’re new to it. Try to approach it in a positive and open minded way, as this will help to prevent it from being a difficult experience for either of you.. Canada Goose Parka

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