When Listing: Great Photography Matters!


Great photography matters when you go to list your home. In today’s world, it’s perhaps the most important piece of your marketing. People will view your home online by looking at the photos long before they speak to anyone or set foot inside your home. Below we’ll illustrate the differences between great photography and poor photography as well as the outcome.

photos matter 2

The two pictures you see above are of nearly identical units in the same building. They are approximately the same square footage, the exact same number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the kitchens have the exact same materials in terms of construction.  Looking at these two photos which home would you rather own? I’m sure almost all of you said the top photo. If we walked into 100 homes I have no doubt, most would have a kitchen on an average day that looked like the one in the bottom photo that’s not the what it should look like on the day it’s being photographed for the world to see.

When listing your home the counters should be cleared of nearly any and all things that you normally keep on them. Roll of paper towels? Gone! Pictures, storage containers, all of it gone! You want to show off the maximum amount of counter space possible in the photo. Next make sure any and all lights are on. You’ll notice in the bottom photo a number of lights are off. Lastly, when the photographer shows up, (an agent with an iPhone won’t cut it) make sure they have their own light source. This  ensures that they can capture what the room really looks like despite whatever lighting may be on site.

So what was the difference between the two? The unit in the top photo sold in 25 days the unit in the bottom photo failed to sell after 103 days on market. Think it’s an anomaly, check out our other examples below.

72 pinckney

These pictures are of the same room in a Beacon Hill condo, The top photo failed, and the listing sat on the market for more than 200 days without selling. The bottom photo, under-agreement in 5 days.

leah comp

Can you believe this is actually the same kitchen, taken just days apart? Which would you rather buy?

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