MCA was one of the true cool guys

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Cheap Jerseys Wholesale from China If you don’t believe that, then I guess you can enjoy listening to whatever terrible rap music you listen to today that is as unoriginal as most of the articles that will be written today about MCA.But for those of us who were there, and grew up on the Beastie Boys and indianapoliscoltsjerseys all of the wacky ass things they were always up to, today really is pretty sad.And I’m not so sure it’s about the normal thing you know. I mean, sure it’s really awful that cancer is still running wild in the world and that it takes so many lives, no doubt about that.But for me, someone who has no value of what cancer does to people, I only know that I feel like the things I’ve loved in life wholesale nfl jerseys are withering away and becoming old, decrepit and fragile.Everything I once loved was young, hip and as awesome as it could get. Now it’s all been replaced by a society full of people who think watching idiots on TV acting like wannabe weekend warrior, steroid ridden douchebags is the new cool.For us guys who still can appreciate that it should take some actual talent to get somewhere in life, and especially in the entertainment industry, this is disheartening.MCA was one of the true cool guys.I don’t know about all of these people who will stand outside his New York City home and cry over his death. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale from China

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