Million Dollar Bedrooms

Million Dollar Bedroom

Million Dollar Bedrooms sounds like a show on HGTV where they would showcase the most expensive bedrooms in the world. It would be a show filled with bedrooms that contained waterfalls of Diamond Water, or gold plated bed frames and a ceiling of Swarovski Crystals. Instead, the reality is it’s the new price per bedroom of a 3 bedroom condo in Back Bay.

In 2014 we saw we saw the average price of a 3 bedroom condo in Back Bay hit $3.2 million. This number is a jump of $500,000 above last years average price for a 3 bedroom condo. In addition, we’ve seen a 10% jump in the number of condos that actually are selling for at least $3 ¬†million, meaning that nearly 50% of all 3 bedroom condos in Back Bay are selling for this price. Back Bay isn’t the only place where you’ll find 3 bedrooms condos starting at $3 million or more, Millennium Tower has this as their starting price as well. For more information on 3 bedroom condos in Boston email us at

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