Montenegro earlier said it had evidence that Russian state

Applied as a transfer student to UVA School of Architecture and started classes in August 2009, having never set foot in Campbell Hall. He was blown away by the small class sizes and the intensity of the program. In short, he fell in love.. Montenegro earlier said it had evidence that Russian state agencies and local pro Serb and pro Russian parties were involved in a plot at the time of an election in October 2016. The Kremlin dismissed that as absurd. A total of fourteen people had been charged.They later also issued international arrest warrants against two Russian nationals as masterminds of the conspiracy, including an intelligence officer who had previously worked at the Russian embassy in Poland.At the hearing in Podgorica, Dikic denied his involvement in the alleged plot.In the indictment, the prosecutor also said that Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic, politicians of the opposition Democratic Front, an anti NATO alliance “have spent time together” and repeatedly travelled to Moscow.”There are no rational reasons to explain the number of trips to the location (Moscow) except that their aim was to make arrangements about undertaking the criminal plan,” the indictment said.The court session on Wednesday ended without a decision on whether it will indict the group.

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