Moving Playlist: 2015

It’s September 1st and for many Boston residents that means it’s moving day. To help get you through what is always a long and trying day, we’ve provided a playlist for your move. Check out the songs below.

1. Shake it Off
Taylor Swift takes the top spot this year because inevitably things will not go according to plan today and the best thing to do is….

2. Our House
This classic from Madness is all about the home.

3. Night Moves
We know a lot of you were up late last night packing the trucks to be ready for today.

4. Blankspace
Not only will Taylor write your name but when you open the door a Blankspace is all that greets you.

5. Lips are Moving
Lips aren’t the only things moving on September First.

6. Who Says You Can’t Go Home
This Bon Jovi tune with Jennifer Nettles was performed while they helped build a Habitat for Humanity Project.

7. She’s From Boston
Kenny is an office favorite so his hit She’s From Boston had to be on the list.

8. Don’t Stop Believing
When thinking of that amazing new Apartment don’t stop believing!

9. September
It’s the biggest month for moving, so we had to honor it.

10. Cheerleader
It’s going to be a long day you’re going to need a cheerleader at some point.

Good luck with your moves, and if you run into trouble feel free to contact us. Remember to stay hydrated today!

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