Pink Paint Won't Help Sell Your Home

Pink may be one of my favorite colors, but it’s not one that will help sell your home. This fall we’ve seen two homes on Beacon Hill fail to sell and both made great use of this lovely hue. Now, I’m sure the elaborate use of pink isn’t the only reason, but it certainly doesn’t help the buyer visualize their own furniture in the home.

The first offender is 15 Hancock Street. This lovely single family home has a lot of great features going for it, but the paint job just isn’t one of them. Pink isn’t the only loud color in home but it’s clearly one of their favorites as the owners have painted two large rooms using the color. See the living room above and a bedroom below.

The next home reminds a little of that “Dear Barbara” moment in Dodgeball. This home is condo located on Charles Street, where the owner has chosen to paint 2/4 rooms a slightly more subtle shade of pink. Once again we are looking at a bright pink living room and bedroom.

Our advice to both of these home owners is: it’s time to neutralize! If you really want to sell your home (we assume that’s why it’s on the market) you need to get rid of the bold color choices and bring it much closer to white, beige or light grey. These are the colors that make it much easier for potential buyers to see themselves living in the space. The more basic colors may not be your taste, but they will sell your home!

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