Rogers says a promised hotel never materialized at the

I arrive in Copper Mountain on one of Colorado’s 300 plus days a year of sunshine. Copper Mountain is how Disney might imagine a ski resort should look: there’s a central village with a sun drenched square where cheery families roast marshmallows over open fire pits that never seem to go out. Towering 4000 metre high mountains as pretty and perfectly triangular as the Alps separated neatly into ski runs by forests of healthy green pines, firs and spruce fall right into the backyard of my villa.

I’m not sure how he got his hands on a box of food coloring. That mystery still eludes me, although I’m sure his big brother’s obsession with baking and sprinkles (the sprinkles and food color are right next to each other) has something to do with it. But he decided we needed a splash of color in our lives.

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