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Stallone responded that Wepner benefited by making public appearances as “the real Rocky,” but later settled. A spokeswoman for Stallone said he wasn giving interviews ahead of the film.Schreiber said that it hard to look at some of the parallels between Rocky Balboa and Wepner and not think that Stallone was inspired by Wepner life.”But I also know from talking to Sylvester Stallone that he thought the fighter was an amalgamation of several fighters,” Schreiber said, “and that probably the biggest inspiration to him was sort of his own battles as an artist, that was really the inspiration for the character.”Schreiber, who said he was drawn to Wepner life as a cautionary tale of fame and celebrity, said that storytellers often exploit real people to create their narratives.”And I think that OK,” he said. “I think that the nature of art and storytelling.

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