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Christian Louboutin UK Summary pointsRestless legs syndrome is common in primary and hospital care; it causes great distress and disturbance of sleepDopamine agonists are a licensed and proved treatment but are associated with augmentation and impulse control disorders; other unlicensed agents may be efficaciousRestless legs syndrome is common; it is characterised by an urge to move and usually, but not exclusively Cheap Christian Louboutin, affects the legs. This urge to move is typically accompanied by abnormal sensations, variably described as burning, tingling, aching, or “insects crawling under the skin.” These sensations are transiently or partially relieved by movement, and there is a strong circadian influence symptoms are worse in the evening. It may be idiopathic or secondary to iron deficiency, pregnancy, uraemia Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes, or neurological problems.Estimates of prevalence of the syndrome range from 1.9% to 15%, depending on case ascertainment,1 and it affects all age groups, although prevalence increases with age. Christian Louboutin UK

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