Top 5 Dining Rooms in Boston For Thanksgiving

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is getting to spend the holiday with good food and good friends/family. Since the holiday is fast approaching, we began to think about where in Boston would we like to spend this holiday. So here is our list of the Top 5 dining rooms in Boston and who would likely be dining there with us.

1. Leather District- Friendsgiving

beech Street Loft

This huge loft on Beech Street is the kind of place where you can have a rowdy and fun friendsgiving. It’s a big spot, the table is located right next to the open concept kitchen and brick and beam architecture gives it a certain amount of warmth that you want to share with friends.

2. Back Bay- Meeting the Future In-laws

409 Commonwealth ave

This dining room on Commonwealth Ave reminds us a little of the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when she meets his parents for the first time. The dining room is classic and maybe a bit uptight, so there’s a level of expectation on the company that will be eating there on turkey day.

3. Beacon Hill- The Cabots and The Lowells

56 Beacon Street

The family that will dine at this table on Thanksgiving likely had family at the first Thanksgiving. Their storied family legacy will be talked about as well as the politics of the day and what the right path is for the country and all of those present.

4. Downtown Crossing- First Thanksgiving in our New Home!


This dining room at Millennium Tower is likely to be used when you welcome friends and family to your new home for the first time. Since you won’t be able to move in, in time for the holiday this year, dining here will be your chance to welcome your friends and family and show them what a magnificent view you have.

5. Charlestown- The Kiddy Table

82 Green Street

This Charlestown home gives you feeling that the kiddy table is not far away. Since the living room is located just an opening away, you get the sense that the chairs will be moved and the card table will be setup for when the rest of the family arrives.


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