What Can Forrest Gump Teach Us About Real Estate?

“Momma always had a way of explaining things so I could understand them.”

Real Estate agents spend a lot of time explaining things to people. For some people, they spend time explaining what’s going on in the market and what their home is currently worth. For others, it might be why the property they are looking at is a great deal. Perhaps the most frequent explanation is, why they charge so much? (Agents, think how many books are devoted to this subject.) If you’re going to hire someone to market your property, (and you should) you need to hire the person to who can explain things the best. You want the person who can properly convey what your home is truly worth and why it’s worth that much. Real estate can be a complex and tricky thing and when it comes time for most of us to learn things that are complicated, we want the best teacher out there. We want the person who can break down that complex problem and make it easy for us to understand. So if you feel you need greater understanding or if you feel you need further explanation call or email me and I’ll be happy to explain.

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