What was the best size condo to own from 2000-2009?

After doing some exhaustive research into what’s really happened to the Boston Condo Market for the past decade, we thought we’d release this little nugget of information for you. The best size condo to invest in from 2000-2009 in Back Bay was a studio. I know this probably catches quite a number of you off guard, with many thinking that buying a 1 bed would have been a good idea, but it was studios that gained the most value.

From 2000-2009 the price/sq.ft. for studio’s in Back Bay increased 87%! This was well above the next best investment, (1 beds) which came in at increase of 58%. The real loser so to speak for the decade was 3 beds or more which only increased 25% on price/sq. ft. basis.

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