Why You Should Have Rental Insurance

Few renters ever end up getting renters insurance, but let’s examine why everyone should. There are a variety of reasons renters should get insurance, but most tend to think of it in circumstances such as there is a problem with the building when this year it maybe the weather that provides the reason.

For those that live in the northeast you’ve undoubtedly seen the many images of a roof collapsing all over the place this winter. All the snow we’ve had this winter means that both old and new roofs are under pressure. If a roof collapses yes the building will pay to have it all rebuilt, but your stuff that’s now buried under a foot of snow is not covered. So what does rental insurance cover?

Rental insurance covers everything inside the apartment. That means your flatscreen tv, clothes, computer, furniture, art, pots, pans and dishes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a collapsing roof, a burst pipe from freezing temperatures or simply a backed up pipe that overflows. For less than most people spend on a coffee for the week, you can be fully covered.

For more information on getting coverage call Bryan Cogliano at 617-312-9314 or email him.

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